Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TOS female skant, or what Uhura wears

Price $19.95

Wow, the construction of this dress is interesting. No two pieces are exactly alike and the sleeves are similar to a dolman sleeve an are cut in one with some of the body pieces. This would be difficult to flat pattern and is worth the price of the purchased pattern.

The pattern is drafted much more professionally than the men's pattern. This one actually contains notches and has detailed instructions. 

Be sure to measure the torso and sleeves before cutting as sizes run small, especially in the bicep. Based on my small sample size, n=2 of somewhat athletic size 10 and 12 nerds, you will need a couple of additional inches around the arm. I added to the seam allowance along the arm length evenly and then pinched out the extra at the neck hole and wrist.

The pattern also runs very short. If you have a large bosom or stomach it may end up barely covering, don't make my mistake, add extra to the hem.

Again there is an invisible zipper I omitted. If you are shaped like a rectangle and make this out of a knit you can probably pull it on over your head. Any other body type, and star trek purists, should not be lazy, and will need to insert the zipper.

The final product looks great but will absolutely not hide any figure flaws. Good underwear or lots of crunches, are probably a good idea. The pattern does not include Uhura's matching undies.  You will definitely want some shorts/cheerleader undies.

Final verdict: Recommended. Worth the price as it would be difficult to replicate by flat patterning or altering existing patterns.  Runs small!  Measure carefully and add extra, especially at the hem and bicep.

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