Friday, January 29, 2016

Article on 18th-century women's necklines

Fantastic article about women's necklines by Abby Cox
Musings from the Millinery: Revealing the Truth About 18th-century Women’s Necklines
Self portrait of Marie-Gabrielle Capet
 Of interest to those who costume and re-enact. Historical information on fashionable historical looks and choices both historically, and modernly as re-enactment staff, to wear kerchiefs.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Vintage Secret Santa

This was the second year I participated in   Chronically Vintage's Secret Santa and it has been fun both years.

I sent my package off to my Doctor Who and vintage loving recipient in Texas, and ended up receiving one from just over the Bay in Berkeley.

1950s Nature magazines, the catalogue from the Legion of Honor's Pulp Fashion exhibit and some vintage buttons.

The buttons are Bakelite from Chronically Vintage's etsy store.
1955 Nature with a fun surprise.

An excerpt from Rachel Carson's The Sea Around Us.