Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bi-coastal costume adventures

Lots of fun costume adventures recently, starting with Labyrinth Masquerade in LA.  This is an event I've gone to intermittently for about a decade and it never disappoints.  Usually a ton of interesting costumes, and of course, being LA, beautiful people.  This year a friend and I had coordinating costumes based off of lovely masks made by Mitchel Walker of Peekaboo Masks.
We wanted to do a version of Victorian fancy dress, inspired by the costumes in Fancy Dresses Described, published in 1887.

The wings were made using this Realistic Wings tutorial.  Since super-helpful boyfriend and I made both sets of wings they were cut on the laser cutter.  It took less time once we had the basic file and it sealed all the edges.  To try to get a lightweight version we used heavy duty zipties as the boning, I'm not sure that was a better choice than wire.  I'd still like to add more wings for each of us and finish painting mine.  I also have a gazillion vintage sew-on cabochons and about 1000 heat-set rhinestones that will need to be added to bling everything up.
After our west coast adventures we came back and immediately started working on clothes for the Gadsby Tavern Jane Austen Ball.  Some googling after my arrival in DC this past month turned up English Country Dance classes and a Ball at Gadsby Tavern in Alexandria.  I'm not a super fan of the whole 1790s-1815  timeperiod so I didn't have anything to wear.  Fortunately I'd purchased a $7.99 ikea duvet while thrifting with my sister in Philly.  Ikea has some fantastic cotton prints that work well for late 18th century, early 19th century.  I wonder if they are using some sort of historic textile archive.  I don't know the name of this fabric but a twin duvet with the printed fabric on both sides was enough to make this era of dress.

I didn't use any patterns, nor do I have any research books with me.  So after a quick stop at the Library of Congress to look at Costume in detail, I did an approximation of a bib-front dress.  The mechanics of the dress worked out fine but I think it needs some serious re-fitting on the neckline, or maybe a drawstring to pull in the whole thing.  I did a quick Regency style fan using a leftover sandalwood fan from my sister's baby shower with some 18th style cartouche motifs in the style of this fan from the V&A, dated 1790-1800.

And, the final result.  Do we look hot?  It was 100 degrees.  Turns out that fan was a great idea.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fashionable Safety Vest

Safety vests are not the most fashionable items.  This project was inspired by an instructables tutorial
For running you need a high-vis vest with reflective elements, that will not rub or chafe while running.
I re-designed the vest to leave plenty of room on the sides where your arms naturally move while running and made it shorter so it would close at the natural waist.

Vest design in adobe illustrator
The fabric is high vis polyester from the utility fabrics section of joann's.  I cut the fabric on the laser cutter (Universal Laser cutter, fabric settings).  This has the benefit of quickly cutting a fairly intricate pattern, and sealing the edges of the polyester fabric.
Laser cut fabric

The original tutorial used circles of reflective material.  I was able to easily cut the reflective iron on strips with a papercrafting punch.  This allowed me to make them in all sorts or shapes, including stars.
papercrafting punch cutting reflective stars

Sewn on reflective tape on the front and back for extra visibility.

Test run.  Comfortable fit, however wearing a water bottle belt covers the reflective tape at the waist, and many of the iron-on stars are already coming off.  On to version 2....

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pirate dress for the Pirate festival

I found this fantastic cotton print in remnants, mostly less than a yard each. Pirate tiki? Retro pirate? Clearly it needed to be a vintage style dress. 

I used Simplicity 8051, view A, one of the more recent vintage inspired patterns. It took about 5-6 hours from opening the envelope to finished dress. The only alterations I made were to the paper pattern based solely on measurements.

The final result is cute and flattering. If I were to make it again I would cut a size smaller in the bodice and neck yoke. There is plenty of fabric in the gathered bodice for those with a c cup, I think friends with similar band measurements and larger cups would totally fit this dress. I also ended up with extra fabric at the bottom of the back triangle and in the yoke band. Those folks not in a time crunch should probably mock up the yoke and bodice to get the right size.

Also, the pattern instructions could use more info on finishing the yoke. I'm not sure if I missed the directions but I ended up top stitching some bits because I couldn't figure out what else to do.

Would make this pattern again with some fit alterations to the bodice.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Call For Models - May 21 and May 22

Ever wanted to try modeling? 

I'm looking for 5-10 models for a mini fashion show at the Bay Area Maker Faire on Saturday May 21 and Sunday May 22.  Pieces are mostly sizes 0 - 6 U.S. women’s sizing.

The time commitment would be approximately from 11am - 4pm for two shows at 1 pm and 3 pm on Saturday and more flexible on Sunday.

Contact at sahrye AT gmail DOT com if you are interested. 

Here are some more fantastic pieces from this year

And this year's dresses with 3D printed accents.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

3D printing on Fabric

The first of my Make Fashion pieces is starting to come together!
This year I'm 3D printing directly on to fabric using a translucent PLA, which will be lit from behind with addressable LEDs. The fabrics are all nets with sequins. We tested several fabrics and were able to adhere PLA to net, tulle, and net with small sequins.
My Utilimaker 2 has a heated bed, which is really helping the pieces adhere.

And the pieces coming together.
Next, lots of LEDs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Art Nouveau Chatelaines

The International Terminal at SFO has excellent exhibits. This time they had a fantastic one on Art Nouveau, with craft, art and everyday objects from 1890-1914. This included some fantastic chatelaine s. My favorite was this octopus. Would also be perfect for steampunk.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Win Tickets to the MakeFashion Gala April 2nd

I super excited about my new pieces for the MakeFashion Gala in Calgary on April 2!
We've been 3D printing on some really fabulous fabric and all out electronics have finally arrived!

Here's an updated sneak peak of my piece, Mimic (and there will be an extra piece with the same theme)

And here's the project page!

If you'd like to win free ticket to the event
Want to attend the 4th annual MakeFashion Wearable Tech Gala in Calgary for free? Enter to win two tickets to the event. All you have to do is tell us what project you’re most excited to see!
Mine of, course!

How to enter:
Check out our 2016 project previews here.
Tweet about which piece you’re most excited to see (either the project name or a link) and tag @makefashionCA.
We will randomly select a winner via draw on March 26th 2016.
Each tweet is eligible for one entry, one tweet permitted per day.