Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Some things I saw at Costume College

A super fun Steampunk Ghostbusters group.  I love the slime on one parasol!

Bunny's hand painted 18th century silk.  Hand painted!!!!

Fun light-up trident
 And Jez Roth's lecture on Using Fabric for Cosplay armor.  All these pieces are made using stretch latex over a thick fusible interfacing.  after construction he uses airbrushing to do detailing and distressing.  The pieces were incredibly light but the work seems just as fussy and time consuming as all other cosplay techniques (EVA foam, worbla, etc.) that I've seen so far.  I'd still love to do giant armor but need to clear my schedule to fit it in.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Cherry blossom collar with 3D printing

3D printed cherry blossom collar
 Inspired by all the beautiful cherry blossoms and a giant roll of pink 3D printing filament, I decided to make a quick little 3D printing project and accessory.
Tidal Basin cherry blossoms

3D printing a test flower.  I used Tinkercad to make the flower model based on some other sakura models I found on the internet.
Printing directly onto the fabric using the "sandwich" method with a few layers printed below the fabric and the rest printed above.  

Here's a video of the 3D printer doing its thing.

I used this simplicity pattern for the collar.  I agree with online reviews, the L isn't really very large, its about 14-14.5 inches.  Given how simple the pattern pieces are they should extend the sizes.  The overall pattern was simple to sew and finish.

Here's the finished print.  It took about 2 hours, one hour for each side.  The overhanging petals didn't print as nicely as the rest of the model but a little sanding finished them up.

I decided to go with a burgundy as the backing color.

Finished cherry blossom collar