Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Victorian Parasol Recovering Part 1

This past weekend the talented Claudine taught me how to recover parasols. I have a few Victorian parasols and several vintage umbrellas in the stash that I would like to recover and use. Since this was my first foray into recovering I chose my simplest parasol. A medium sized parasol probably from the 1870-1880s with a bamboo handle and seven metal ribs.

The original white silk covering was attached to the frame but the silk was badly shattering. I removed the cover and kept it as a reference for the original trimming design.

From the Stash:

  • antique parasol

  • 1.5 yards of off-white silk taffeta

18th c. Shoe Bows

I got my new red leather 18th c. shoes from Burnley and Trowbridge ,but because the latchets are slightly wider than my Fugawee shoes the buckles I was planning to use don't fit. What to do?

Copying from Judy I decided to throw on some shoe bows and a rhinestone buckle!