Wednesday, August 10, 2011

18th c. Shoe Bows

I got my new red leather 18th c. shoes from Burnley and Trowbridge ,but because the latchets are slightly wider than my Fugawee shoes the buckles I was planning to use don't fit. What to do?

Copying from Judy I decided to throw on some shoe bows and a rhinestone buckle!

From the Stash:

  • 2 rhinestone buckles, maybe purchased from White Elephant Sale

  • Copper ribbon from when Pearl on Market Street went out of business

  • Blue and White stiped silk leftover from dress

    I sewed each of the bow parts into a contunuous loop and then just shoved everything through with the latchets. Everything is held together just by the tension going through the sliding buckle, not a problem even after wearing them for 5 hours and dancing.

And here's the dress they go with.

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