Saturday, January 11, 2014

Marmotte Carnivale Jacket

Bal di Carnival happened and it was fabulous. Mia and Catherine did an amazing job with the rooms and decor. The acrobats and dancing were wonderful. 

I spent most of the time before the event frantically sewing the marmotta jacket. It was inspired by several contemporary European jackets. These jackets have an open front filled by a stomacher, fairly long skirts, and most have some sort of ruched trim.

Caraco made of mustard yellow printed cotton, blue checked linen lining, c. 1750-1775, combined with a silk satin ruby red matelassé skirt, c. 1740. Collection Centraal Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Inv. no. 8922 and 6466. - See more at:

French 1750s
Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion

CF Griffith did a nice version of the Janet Arnold Jacket

J.P. Ryan has a jacket pattern that is similar to what I ended up making. Mine is closest to jacket B with a stomacher front and longer skirts. Mines has full length sleeves.

J.P. Ryan Pattern:View A is cut with a long skirt, center front closure, and sleeves with winged cuffs, suitable for the 1750’s.View B has a long full skirt, open front, stomacher and cuffed sleeves, as was worn in the 1760’s.

The final jacket was in brown silk with scalloped salmon silk trim that I pleated instead of ruching. Next time I'll sew the trim on while the garment is flat rather than after I've set in the sleeves!

And the inspiration image again:

Bal di Carnivale

Inspiration for the Bal di Carnivale

The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild is having an 18th century themed Bal di Carnivale on February
18th c. Mask Fan
8th in San Jose, CA.  Gambling ,dancing, cocktails, full dinner, acrobats and of course fabulous costumes.  There are still tickets available if anyone else wants to come.