Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bal di Carnivale

Inspiration for the Bal di Carnivale

The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild is having an 18th century themed Bal di Carnivale on February
18th c. Mask Fan
8th in San Jose, CA.  Gambling ,dancing, cocktails, full dinner, acrobats and of course fabulous costumes.  There are still tickets available if anyone else wants to come.

The event has a pinterest board and I've also pinned several mask and costume ideas.  I've decided to be a noble dressing as a Savoyarde peasant with a marmot, based on the fantastic research by the Dreamstress.  I'm going to try to document the costume construction as I do it rather than months afterwards.  Let's consider that a new years resolution.

Here is some inspiration:
Lavinia Fenton
possibly by George Knapton, c. 1739.
Private Collection. (from the First Actresses Exhbition)
Pietro Longhi - The Ridotto in Venice
Jacket, second quarter 18th century, Italian, silk, Length at CB: 30 in. (76.2 cm) (c) Metropolitan Museum of Art
David Garrick and Hannah Pritchard in The Suspicious Husband

1740s mask fan De Young Museum

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