Friday, August 16, 2013

Demode 18th Century Court Ensembles Project

Another addition to the awesome group project idea.  Kendra at Demode came up with this one.  I don't think I'd ever try to do this on my own but with a deadline and a training group it seems possible (much like a marathon, my other major activity).

There are already a lot of fantastic costumers who have called dibs on specific gowns.  If you want more info head on over to the page Kendra set up for the Project.

Anyway, thanks to Pinterest I haven't had to do any real research of my own and can instead just look at pretty pictures that someone else collected.  Thanks Lisotchka and your 1700s robes de cour.

I've called dibs on this beautiful dress, worn by Princess Marie Adelaide of France, painted in 1766 by Jean-Marc Nattier.
 It's similar to this one worn Adelaide's sister, Princess Marie-Louisa, painted by François-Hubert  Drouais.  This one clearly shows the placement of the trim on the skirts and the train in the back of the dress. 

Even before embarking on the dress a number of other things need to be accomplished.  My goal is to finish these before February 2014.

- Finish handsewn stays that I started in the Burnley and Trowbridge class November 2012.
- Construct larger panniers

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