Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EL wire steampunk bracelet

This bracelet is a variation of the class project I taught at the GBACG Costume Academy in March 2012. Instructions for the flower bracelet.

From the Stash:
  • All the leather
  • Battery holder
I used a basic gear template to cut out two large gears with circles underneath in place of flowers.  The templates are from a foam steampunk class I took at Costume College two years ago and never used.  The gold colored rivets are rhinestones that are spray-painted and then glued on

Gear templates and leather scissors 
Band cut-out using gear template

Leather components

Like the Flower bracelet I punched holes in the gears for the battery holder leads and the inverter wires.  I then soldered these together underneath so that they are sandwiched between the gears and the leather wristband
Wiring connecting battery to inverter 
I've found that these connections are fairly fragile so in the future I'll probably totally cover them in hot glue to keep everything together.

Battery holder and inverter

Final Bracelet:

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