Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edwardian Blouse Overhaul

A while ago I needed a quick victorian-ish blouse under my 1895 bicycling outfit for a GBACG Event.  I bought one from Gentleman's Emporium, and it worked just fine under an 1890s jacket.
When I needed a shirtwaist to wear for an Edwardian event at the Niles Canyon Railway and Essanay Silent Film Studios in April, I decided to adapt the shirt I bought to be more appropriate.

From the Stash:

  • purchased shirt
  • 3 yards insertion lace
  • White silk fabric covered buttons
  • 3 yards edge lace
  • 3 yards insertion lace

Original shirt 

    Insertion lace

I used the shirtwaists from Women's Fashions of the Early 1900s: The Unabridged Republication of New York Fashions, 1909, as inspiration.  

The original shirt had a double ruffle down the front.  I removed the under ruffle and the plastic buttons from the front.  The poofiness of the front ruffle was still a bit too much so I tacked down the fabric on both sides of the shirt front.  I added 2 parallel rows of insertion lace over each side of the center front.  This had the effect of moving the fullness out from the center front.  I also replaced the lace at the ruffle, cuffs and collar.

 Shirt, Version 2

Filming at the Niles Canyon Railway

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