Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chenille black-out curtains

My sister has a vintage, shabby-chic style at her house.  She's been using thrifted chenille bedspreads as curtains in her bedroom, but recently had a baby and needs to be able to get more sleep during the day. 
I went to visit, and in between looking at the new little critter, I sewed some new curtains for her bedroom.
As a person who likes a very dark bedroom myself, lining curtains with black-out fabric is something I would do if I wanted to use these materials as curtains. This would be an easy project for someone new to sewing who wants to use thrifted linens for new uses.  It just involved cutting and sewing in straight lines.

First measure your windows, then carefully line up and cut your fabric to be at least 1.5 times the width of the windows.  Cut your blackout fabric to match, being sure to remember you may need seam allowance for hems.

 Since lots of bedspreads have fringe, and you probably want to keep it on the curtain.  This means you'll probably need to hem the blackout fabric to make a finished edge since there won't be a sewn edge at the bottom.

Sew your blackout fabric to your curtain on 3 sides, leaving the bottom open.  I sewed the fabrics directly together as a lining.  I made sure to leave a gap at the top so a curtain rod could be inserted in between the lining and the chenille.  You could also sew all the way around then fold over the top and sew it down along the width to make the curtain rod pocket.

And the final curtains in direct sunlight.  A lot of light still gets through but a lot darker than we started with.

Don't be fooled by the yawn.  This critter is a Creature of the Night

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