Tuesday, November 18, 2014

early-mid 1900s bodice

I don't collect extant clothing because I don't have space to store items properly and my apartment is extremely damp because of all the Pacific fog.  
But sometimes I run across something that is just so inexpensive or damaged that I acquire it just to see how it is constructed.

I found this black beaded bodice in a vintage store in Santa Cruz.  The silk lining is shattered but the main bodice fabric, which seems to also be some sort of silk, although with a much more crepe-y texture is mostly intact.  From the shape, I'm estimating it is possibly from around 1900-1905/1906, before the more streamlined shape later in the decade.

The bodice was absolutely dripping in beaded appliques. 

I'm not sure that the appliques are original to the bodice. I think they are definitely vintage since they are all glass beads, but once I removed them there were some very nice dress details that had been covered.  For instance all the pintucks in the front of the bodice, and the nice contrast of the pink lining showing through the lace inserts. 

 I believe the sequined net at the top of the bodice is original to the dress since it is faced with a thin strip of silk that matches the pink lining.

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