Friday, November 1, 2013

Rockford Peach Halloween

Photo by Nina
I dressed up for Halloween at work this year and won the Costume Contest!  We aren't really a "fun" workplace so I've never dressed up before but  I can't resist a chance to show up in costume.

There was a good showing.  A crew of zombie Federal Regulators.  The Colonel as a Roman centurion complete with jokes, "They told me it would take a legion to transform Civil Works".  There was a surprising lack of punny costumes.  Maybe we're a very literal-minded bunch of engineers and scientists.

Anyway, this was a reprise of my Rockford Peaches costume, which I wore at Costume College this summer.  This is the team from the movie, A League of Their Own and was also a real team in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

I altered a modern commercial pattern using images of the original baseball uniforms as a reference.  The hat and belt are purchased.  My friend Catherine embroidered the patches for me using a pattern that I believe she bought from etsy.  Modern athletic socks and modern black leather sneakers.

Zombie Regulators and everyone in costume. Photos taken by Ryan Mcclymont

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