Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Accessorizing Challenge - Regency Bonnet

First Accessory Challenge Complete!  

Finished at 11 pm last night, just barely within September! 

I started this bonnet using an early version of Lynn McMaster's Regency Bonnet. Later versions have a change in the brim shape and I believe Lynn's are made with a double layer of buckram.  Mine is made with a single layer of buckram, this makes it a bit flimsier than Lynn's or Chris' over at the Laced Angel. I made the short brimmed version of the bonnet.  The pattern has 3 variations and comes in 3 head sizes.

I sewed the millinery wire on the edges using a machine zigzag stitch.  The tip, crown and brim are glued together using fabric glue.  If I did it again I would cover the brim with silk before attaching it to the crown, it ended up a bit wrinkled, which I think could maybe be prevented.  I also forgot to include the mulling between the buckram and the silk.  The brim is finished with self-bias made from the bonnet fabric.  I still haven't decided on trimming options.
JaneAusten.co.uk has an entire post on triming your bonnet, including simples bows and flower springs.
from janesuten.co.uk

The Accessory:  1812 Regency Bonnet from Lynn McMaster's Pattern
Historical Period:  1812/Regency
Outfit It Accessorizes:  To-be-finished Regency attire for GBACG's Tall Ship Adventure
Materials Used:  buckram, silk, glue
Techniques Used: Sewing, glueing


  1. So pretty and I LOVE that color combo !

  2. Oh wow I love your colors! Yours really turned out amazing. I'm also really diggin' the short brimmed version :)