Monday, November 7, 2011

Herjolfsnes Hood

The Herjolfsnes textile finds are a fantastic collection of medieval garments from a Norse Greenland colony. There are two great books on the finds, Woven into the Earth, and Medieval Garments Reconstructed, by Else Ostergard.
Medieval Garments Reconstructed takes a selection of some of the best preserved garments and gives specific instructions about reproducing the garments. I enlarged the pattern of one of the hoods and made it into small, medium and large sizes for use in my SCA collegium class. The pattern is interesting because it has a gusset in the front of the shoulder cape, rather than one the side where a lot of modern hood recreations put the gussets.
All 3 sample hoods were made from the stash:
  • 1 yard pink wool gabardine
  • 1 yard purple wool flannel
  • 1 yard green wool flannel

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