Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1875 Striped Day Dress

1875 Striped Day Dress Re-vamp

From the stash:
1. Remaining scraps of blue dyed pillow ticking from original dress, approximately 1/2-3/4 yards
2. 2 yards of navy blue ribbon
3. 1.5 yards of blue braid trim

1. 3 yards of blue braid trim
2. 3 yards of 2 inch navy blue grosgrain ribbon

The original striped bustle dress was made for the GBACG event Bustles and Baseball. Made from Truly Victorian 1871 Day Bodice, Mantua Maker Apron Overskirt, and the underskirt drafted from Costumes for Stage and Screen (Hunnisett). The material is a cotton pillow ticking that was purchased from the Oakland Museum White Elephant sale. I dyed the fabric so that it was a blue on blue stripe.

For the current GBACG event, Renoir's Boating Party, inspired by the painting "Luncheon of the Boating Party", I decided to redo the dress and spiff it up a bit.

I was inspired by an illustration in the Every-day Dresses section of Peterson's Magazine 1875 (page 294). Many issues of Peterson's are available as ebooks through Google Books and are a fantastic resource. The dress described in the magazine is a walking costume of black and white striped material and is suggested to be made in either silk, poplin, or mohair. The primary elements of the dress that I want to adapt are the ruffle on the bottom, additional ruffles across the front and ribbon bows. I didn't have enough fabric to make a bias ruffle so I cut the bottom ruffle on the lengthwise grain and gathered it. Instead of adding additional ruffles to the front of the underskirt, I added another ruffle to the front of the apron overskirt. The other additions were blue braid along the bottom ruffle, on the back of the waterfall draperies on the overskirt and along the extra ruffles on the apron overskirt. Additional bows were made with navy blue ribbon and bias strips of the dress material.

The final dress!

Fabulous Bustle Gals

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